Zoom! Teeth Whitening

We're proud to offer Zoom! teeth whitening to our patients as one of our many services. As far as teeth whitening products go, it's about the best on the market and far superior to store bought, over the counter products currently available. The whole process takes only about 90 minutes to complete and results in a much whiter smile than anything you can do at home.

So forget about those messy whitening tooth pastes and strips and get professional results with Zoom!

How Zoom! Is Different
Zoom! uses a state-of-the-art UV laser along with a specially formulated, UV reactive, whitening gel to maximize teeth whitening without abrasive chemicals that may cause more harm than good. Many whitening tooth pastes and strips claim to be able to whiten your teeth but fall far short of their promises, while wasting your time with useless procedures.

How Zoom! Compares To Other Teeth Whitening Options
While other whitening systems may claim to deliver the same results as clinically proven systems, they don't. They tend to fall far short of the finish line and can take years before you even see any real results. That's where Zoom! is different. Zoom! only takes about an hour to work and you can have beautiful white teeth by dinner time.

Please take a moment to compare Zoom! with some of the other available whitening methods below.

Results You Can See
If you'd like to get an idea of what Zoom! can do for your smile, please try the interactive demo below. Just select your current tooth shade on the left and press the "Start Timer" button to see how Zoom! can brighten up your smile.