Dental Prosthesis And Appliances

After you've had a tooth extracted or undergone root canal therapy, typically it's time for a dental prosthesis or appliance. These appliances vary greatly, from crowns and bridges to replace just a few missing teeth all the way to full dental plates (dentures).

Many dental prosthesis and appliances are more durable than real teeth and are very wear resistant. The most basic prosthesis is known as a crown. Quite literally it's the upper part of the tooth that you see above the gum line. It's typically bonded to the lower (or root) of the tooth by a post and very durable cement. Bridges are a bit more complex in that they can replace several missing teeth and can be installed in several different ways.

Dental plates are the most complicated of all appliances. These replace either all or most of your teeth and are precision fit to your mouth and bite. Many patients opt to go with the removable version but some go with the newer implantable versions. The implantable versions use a post and are secured to the jaw a lot like a crown is and function just like your original teeth, with no worries about suction or adhesives, while the removable versions allow for easier cleaning. Everyone has their own preferences and that's why we offer both types.

There are many other dental appliances and prosthesis available as well, so if you have any questions, just give us a call and ask.