Cosmetic, Restorative And Endodontic Services

So, you've kept up with your brushing and flossing but still some tooth decay has crept in, or possibly you've even chipped or broken a tooth. Don't worry, there are more options available today to restore your smile than ever before.

Tooth decay happens... plain and simple. There are a lot of different contributing factors that can lead to it. Sometimes it's your diet and other times it's genetic. You may have even cracked a tooth without realizing it. If the cavity or crack is small enough, it can be either smoothed down or patched with a porcelain filling but sometimes there's a little bit more damage to the area. This is when you need to consider root canal therapy.

To begin with, root canal therapy gets a bad wrap. Most people describe it as an uncomfortable experience they'd rather not repeat. There are usually a few reasons for this. The first one is that they wait too before seeking treatment and an infection sets up in the tooth. Another reason is that the dentist they visit doesn't pay attention to the patient's concerns or has a "grin and bear it" attitude toward pain management. This is where we differ. We believe that everyone's trip to our office should be as comfortable as possible. We also do our best to work with our patients to try and catch these problems early on before they become uncomfortable.

Root canal therapy typically takes place over several weeks. Usually this is done in 3-4 visits, with the first visit being the longest. The first visit is when the actual root canal is performed. After that, a mold will be taken of your teeth so that a crown can be cast to replace the upper part of the tooth, with the crown being set in place on the last visit.

Aside from root canal therapy, we also offer many other cosmetic restoration options. Maybe you have an ugly old filling you've grown tired of seeing in the mirror or have a missing tooth you'd like to see again or maybe you just want to whiten up your teeth a bit. We can help you to restore your smile quickly and affordably. There are many options available and more becoming available everyday. We enjoy keeping up with the latest products and techniques and being able to offer them to our patients.